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Salazons™ Baltic Ambers Teething Necklace/Bracelet Highest Quality Certified Polishing Ambers


  • GENUINE QUALITY - Comes directly from Baltic sea country Lithuania - the heart of amber origin.
  • SAFE AND PERFECTS - Highest safety screw clasp test certified to break under resistance, every bead is knotted separately to prevent scattering. Lab tested by the International Amber Association. Standard size normal fit necklace.
  • FORMED BY NATURE - Love the fact these beads were part of the trees many years ago!
  • STYLISH AND GIFT READY - You can walk in style like no other! This necklace is fashionable matching trendy outfits. A perfect gift for both boys and girls.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - 1-year risk-free, no questions asked guarantee. Buy with confidence!


  • Amber is well known as a natural healer formed over 60 million years ago. Baltic Amber is an organic substance, fossil resin produced by pine trees found in the Baltic Sea. That’s where Baltic Proud necklaces are sourced and handcrafted.


  • When amber is worn against the skin amber releases the active ingredient, which is succinic acid. Baltic amber necklaces have the highest content of succinic acid (4-8%) - natural remedy ingredient.


  • As a young boy, we always packed our car and headed to the beach for weekends each summer. The memory of hunting for amber with my brother and my parents remains so vivid for me even to this day. We’d walk with heads bowed, our feet in the cold, wet sand while we concentrated on finding these small treasures tossed up by the sea.
  • Baltic Proud grew out of my childhood fascination with finding treasure and the desire to share with You a natural beauty of history in the format of beautiful unique amber necklaces.


  • Always supervise when wearing the necklace
  • Remove the necklace when boy or girl is unattended, even if it is only for a short period of time
  • Remove the necklace while sleep at day or night
  • Not allow to mouth or chew the necklace


  • Authentic Amber necklace and bracelet Unisex
  • Gift packaging, natural linen pouch
  • Certificate of authenticity


  • It is a perfect day to try our amber products by Baltic Proud, which also provide 1 year risk free, no questions asked guarantee. Buy with confidence!

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