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Frame Cob- Self-Adhesive Mirror Stickers

Framecob turns walls into mirrors within seconds

These mirror stickers bring a fresh and practical look to any room you place them. With Framecob you can create your own personalized mirror or customized home décor.

You can stick them to any smooth surface. You can put mirrors all around the house without going out of your way. Within seconds you can stick them anywhere to create your mirror.

There is no easier way to install a mirror inside your room. Create your own design and enhance the rooms to your liking with Framecob.



Create your perfect mirror- Stick the mirror stickers to assemble a personalized mirror. Framecob brings a practical and unique look to your home.

Transform your interior- There are endless possibilities when designing with Framecob. Stick it in any room to get the convenience you need.

No drilling, only sticking- Install it in seconds and use it for years. Framecob is light like paper and doesn’t leave marks.

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