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Polimorf-Nano Polished Glass Nail File

Polish Your Nails To Perfection

This nail shiner is one of a kind. Polimorf turns bruised nails into glossy wonders in seconds. Nothing is more beautiful than your natural look.

The Nano glass doesn’t cause pain or damage, you can use it daily without worrying. To get a distinct look you don’t need any nail products, just our shiner.

Polimorf creates a professional shiny look in mere seconds. There is no healthier option for beautiful nails than Polimorf.



Smooth and shining in seconds- Polishing your nails is simpler than ever. Within seconds your nails become smooth as glass.

Achieve a flawless nail look- You don’t need nail products to get that perfect glossy effect. Polimorf keeps the nails healthy and delivers mesmerizing results.

Bring out your natural beauty- Get the look you’ve always wanted by perfecting what you already have. Natural becomes beautiful with Polimorf.

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