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Sun Stalk- Heat Insulation Privacy Film

Block the sun and nosy eyes from your home with SunStalk

This window film gives you privacy and insulation from the outside heat without obstructing your view. SunStalk is a must-have for any ground floor.

It attaches to windows perfectly, with no effort you make your home more comfortable and safe. SunStalk lets in only the sunlight and keeps the UV rays away.

Living in a busy neighborhood can be an unpleasant experience. SunStalk brings privacy and integrity to any home.



Keep it cool- SunStalk blocks out UV rays and lets in only natural sunlight. The summers become far more tolerable.

No more unwanted attention- Outside viewers will see only a mirror. With SunStalk you’ll live a more safe and private life.

Keep the great view- SunStalk doesn’t obstruct the view from your windows. Block out unwanted heat and attention without sacrificing your comfort.

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