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Salazons™ Amazing Weaving Kit

“There's just so many things you can create, so many amazing possibilities! I’m 32. Not exaggerating when I say I recommend this for adults and for children. The Weaving Kit can be VERY rewarding. It's simple and absolutely easy to use!” 

Jennifer A., Salazons™ Customer

Now everyone can start weaving wea weavi like a pro


This loom is the perfect introduction to knitting! With Knitcan you can weave anything from simple purses to complex projects with intriguing patterns, the possibilities are endless.


The weaving pegs speed up the process and simplify weaving. Kids and beginners will quickly find how fun knitting can be.


Not only is it good for crafting but it's also good for mental health, increasing motor skills, and brain function. Making it the perfect all-in-one kit.


Knitcan makes knitting simple, fast and fun. Forget basic knitting, this loom does the hard part and leaves out the fun bits for you.


Key benefits


Beautiful Weaves- Is exactly what you will get using Knitcan. Bringing any creative ideas you may have to life.


Weave anything- Simple or complex patterns can be easily created. Making it super easy from the beginners all the way down to the professionals to get started. 


Weave Faster- Helps speed up the process and allows you to finish in no time. Allowing you to get twice as much done in the same amount of time.

Creative Weaving- Being creative works like a muscle, the more you use it the better it becomes. You will become better at thinking outside of the box and will be able to better apply creative thinking to life in general.

Release expression- Creating is also a great way to release feelings and express yourself. Some feelings are hard to put into words and creating can be a great outlet for those feelings.

“Great for keeping my mind calm. If you've been wanting to learn how to weave then this is definitely for you! There's no learning curve! Get your kids weaving too and entertain them for hours on end!”

Kristine G., Salazons™ Customer

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